Our Telekom National Club Championships

The Our Telekom National Club Championships is the premier club competition in the Solomon Islands.  Winners of this championship will represent the Solomon Islands at the O-League which attracts top clubs from all over the Oceania Confederation.  The O-League is a FIFA sanctioned competition and winners represent Oceania in the World Club Championships held every year.

Oceania's participation at the World Club Championship has brought mixed results.  Australia (when still a member of the Oceania Confederation) and New Zealand dominated and their participation at the WCC was formality.  With the departure of Australia, New Zealand has suddenly found itself in a strange position in which its dominance can no longer be guaranteed.

Kossa FC (Solomon Islands) and Ba FC (Fiji) came close to beating New zealand side, Waitakere United in 2007 & 2008.  Both teams won the home leg but conceded defeat at the away leg in Auckland, New Zealand.

Last update : 2008-06-03 10:00:40